An Introduction to Home Insurance

Home insurance is an effective shock-absorber that protects thousands of families each year from unexpected and unwelcome loss, damage and expense. If you’re new to home insurance, we can help you get the right cover in place for your needs. Here, we’ll provide answers to a few of the questions we’re regularly asked by clients.


If you own your own home you’ll need to have buildings insurance. Your mortgage lender will usually stipulate this as a condition of granting your loan, so not having a policy could put your mortgage and your home at risk.

You will need to insure the rebuild cost, the amount of money you would need to completely rebuild your home from scratch. The cost of rebuilding your home isn’t the same as its market value and is usually less. That’s because the market value takes into account the value of the plot and land, location, local amenities, and supply and demand.

To read more about how important it is to have Home Insurance, please view the guide below.

An Introduction to Home Insurance