Our Client Journey

To make certain your financial plan is the best it can be we’ll tailor it to your individual needs. Welcome to Precision, Sandringham’s four stage client focused service for meeting personal financial goals and ambitions through Discovery, Recommendation, Implementation and Review.


Discovery & assessment  

The all-important first stage when you get to tell us about your personal finance needs and objectives. Here we get to find out what investments, retirement plans and protection arrangements you already have, to help us identify where gaps or opportunities may lie. We’ll also assess your investment profile – your attitude to risk and your capacity to bear a loss.

At this stage, we’ll also explain how we work with clients, the benefits of working with Sandringham, and how we charge for the expert advice we provide.

Recommendation & Research

Next, we’ll start the process towards creating your Personal Financial Plan based on your stated aims and ambitions. Your Plan will cover specific timed events and your longer-term well-defined strategy.

Our advice and recommendation will be backed by the quality of the research we continually undertake on behalf of our clients – economic trends, world events, financial products and more.


We’ll present you with your Personal Financial Plan at a meeting during which we’ll clearly explain each recommendation. If you wish to proceed with all or some of our recommendations, you will be asked to sign an Agreement. This Agreement gives Sandringham permission to arrange and implement financial products and services on your behalf.

Review & administration 

You could of course choose to make your recommended Financial Plan the one and only you ever have. But things change. You may start earning more or the size of your family may grow for example. Or your attitude to risk and your capacity to bear a loss may have shifted.

Sandringham offers an on-going service based of regular reviews of your investments, retirement plans and protection products to make certain they remain in step with your financial objectives. In addition to annual portfolio reviews you will also have access to our Wealth Platform -an integrated client portal – as well as regular newsletters and financial updates.

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