What to expect as a client?

We can’t predict what’s to come, nor can we make guarantees about future returns on investments. What we can do however is to use our skills to maximise the chances of you achieving your aims and goals. As a Sandringham client, you can benefit from;

  • Advice from professionally qualified advisers
  • A focus on your specific needs and aspirations
  • A full assessment of your attitude to risk
  • An open discussion about how you feel about your money gaining as well as losing value
  • Recommendations based on a wealth of experience and knowledge
  • Our unique investment proposition offering risk rated portfolios to match your attitude to risk
  • 24/7 access to our Wealth Platform client portal
  • One of the lowest platform fees in the market
  • Annual reviews to evaluate your portfolio’s performance and address any changes to your personal circumstances
  • A life-long, on-going working relationship
  • The highest levels of personal service

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