Most people would love the chance to maximise the potential of their hard-earned money and savings, whether it be to provide an additional income to meet planned expenditure, or simply as an emergency fund for unforeseen circumstances.

Our job at Sandringham is to understand your personal financial goals and ambitions. We then recommend the investment products we believe will match your aims and expectations taking into account your ability to make regular savings, one-off investments, your level of comfort regarding market volatility, and over what time period you’re looking to invest.

Key to this is:

Understanding your tolerance to risk
Sandringham advisers will make certain that we understand your investment profile – the risks you are willing to take to achieve gains vs any potential losses you are prepared to accept.

Spreading the risk
In our world, this is called diversification, and it means ‘not putting all the eggs in one basket’ because different investment types behave differently over time. Our advisers will recommend spreading investments across different types of investments (assets classes) – Stocks and Shares for example, or Fixed Income Bonds, Cash, Property and more.

We’ll also take account of any economic factors both in the UK as well as internationally.

Multi-manager funds
Our policy is straightforward. Sandringham uses a system whereby we invest your money within multiple specialist funds across multiple investment managers. Each portfolio of investment funds is mandated to achieve returns in line with well-defined risk parameters. In this way, we can deliver a well-diversified range of investments to match your attitude to risk.

Knowledge and expertise
At Sandringham, we use our collective skills and expertise to stay up-to-date with emerging investment trends, changing market conditions and new savings and investment products.

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