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Financial planning is uniquely tailored to suit individual needs. To ensure we help meet those needs we have developed Precision, our client focused service.

Precision is a consistent four stage process, linked to clear and competitive charging structure. By breaking the process into four separate stages, it allows us to better explore your current situation and build solutions around your financial goals.

It is our belief that this is the only way to support you to best achieve your financial goals. Precision aligns with both your needs and the changing regulatory environment to deliver a high-value, transparent and impartial client proposition.


Discovery and Assessment – In the main, this is applicable for clients who already have investments and/or pension arrangements. This stage is our expert opinion on what you might already have. As a first step, we identify your needs and objectives and will arrange an introductory meeting. We will explain how the service works, discuss your primary financial needs and objectives and answer any of your questions. By hearing how we work with our clients, you’ll have the opportunity to make sure that our service will be of value to you.


Research and Recommendations – This is our expert guidance as to what, if anything, we believe needs to be done to achieve your financial objectives.

We gather information and we will go into further detail with you, looking at your objectives and developing them into well defined goals. This could be focused planning for a specific purpose or looking more in depth at what your needs could be.

We then identify your risk profile. If your needs are investment based, then a key element in the financial planning process is to identify your comfort level when we talk about investment risk. We will ask you to complete a scientifically developed questionnaire to help you create your investment risk profile. We’ll then discuss the outcome with you to ensure you are confident it reflects your real views.

We then create an analysis & develop a plan of action. Once these details have been agreed with you and we have a full understanding of your circumstances and priorities, we construct your personal Financial Plan. This analysis and report sets out realistic recommendations designed to achieve your objectives.


Implementation – We will then present you with your own plan and with your agreement, we will proceed with any recommendations and implement your plan. At this meeting, each recommendation will be carefully explained and all your questions answered. It is, of course, your decision whether to implement those strategies in full, or in part. Attainment of your goals, whether it be some or all, will only arise from positive action and your own desire to make this happen.


Administration and Review – This is the ongoing servicing we will offer you to ensure you remain on track to achieve your objectives. If you choose to have an on-going service, your agreed objectives will be regularly reviewed and your Sandringham Adviser will agree with you a Service Agreement. We make sure your plan is working towards achieving its objectives.

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