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My key aim in advising any client is to ensure I have given the right advice for you.  Whilst we can describe this as “excellent client outcomes” or “best advice” as it was known in the past, fundamentally, it has to be the right advice for you.

This should leave you in a position where you have greater confidence in the particular area of financial planning you have received advice for, and, have peace of mind over this area and trust in your adviser and the decisions you have made.

As a regulated Independent Financial Adviser, at Sandringham Financial Partners, we are responsible for the suitability of the advice we give you.  We therefore have to ensure that the advice is absolutely spot on and correct for you.

Whilst I come across many clients who have built up Pensions over the years, or have an existing Mortgage, I also come across people who are new to financial planning.  This could be because they are dealing with a situation they haven’t properly discussed with a financial adviser before such as acting as an attorney for their parents/spouse/relative or friend and having to make some key decisions about ongoing care and how this is paid for.  Or I may come across someone who wishes to use the equity in their home and doesn’t know where to begin and whether it’s the right thing to do.

Whatever the area or wherever you are up to on the journey of financial planning, I would be delighted to help.  It is key you find the answers to your queries and concerns in the right format and through appropriately qualified advisers.

I am pleased to be an Accredited full member of SOLLA, The Society of Later Life Advisers, the “gold standard” in later life advice.  This qualification required me to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to advise clients who are in their retired years and may have varying needs.  I am a Chartered Financial Planner, which means I have completed all the required minimum qualifications for the Diploma in Financial Advice, but I have also completed the Advanced Diploma and additional qualifications.

I am proud to have been voted recently amongst the “Vouched For Top Rated Advisers 2022” as published in the Vouched For Top Rated Adviser Guide in The Times on 26 March 2022.  This is recognition of the level of client positive reviews I have received over a consistent period of time.  I am grateful for all of my clients that have left a review.  I am also proud to be working with an organisation, Sandringham Financial Partners who for the past two years have been voted a “Vouched For Top Rated Firm”.

I have been working in financial services since 1996 and have a breadth of experience and welcome the opportunity to speak with you.


“Harj Gill has been offering independent financial advice to myself and my parents. We have been very pleased with the service that Harj has provided. Harj gave advice about managing investments, investigating care annuities and also possible equity release in the future. He spent considerable time making sure I fully understood every step of the process before I agreed to anything. When we reached the point of deciding to proceed with a plan, Harj’s final report was very thorough. As a family, we would certainly recommend Harj Gill to others seeking independent financial advice.”

  • J. Napper

“From the first meeting I instantly felt at ease and in the right hands to not only get the funds required to pay the mortgage, but to then get my overall financial position in good order. Harj was quite faultless in his explanations from start to finish, with “layman’s terms” on hand when required. I feel Harj has worked extremely hard on my behalf, given sound advice, has presented it very well, and with clear indications of their costs. Anyone requiring advice on their pension, or are planning for their retirement, look no further than Harj Gill.”

  • G.Partridge

“Harj demonstrated expertise in this field and even though he provided advice, he never made us feel as though we were being pressurised. We made all of the decisions but taking his valuable guidance into account.

Harj is a very likeable individual and we felt at ease talking to him throughout the whole equity release process. He is solutions focused and always managed to provide options for us to go away and consider. Harj is a very warm, courteous individual with strong integrity and honesty, a great professional and a real credit to his profession. I would have no hesitation in recommending Harj Gill to anyone seeking Independent Financial Advice.”

  • R. & N. Maheswara

A SOLLA Accredited member has achieved the required standards to become a Full Member of The Society of Later Life Advisers, “the Gold standard” for advice to those in the later life sector.

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