We help you to embrace the digital financial age

The majority of us in Britain appear to be embracing fintech (financial technology) in our daily lives through the use of online banking, money apps and contactless payments. In fact, a survey1 has found that the level of fintech adoption has increased considerably over the last couple of years, with 86% of us now using online technology in our daily financial lives, using an average of three fintech apps to manage 67% of our money online.  

The research also found that Britons expect to increase their use of digital apps and services in the future and that three in four Britons feel comfortable using technology to manage their money.

Moving with the times, but keeping the personal touch

We have always been at the forefront with our use of technology and understanding the impact that up-to-date, fully integrated, streamlined systems can have on clients’ financial lives, but we also understand the importance you place on having personal contact with an adviser that you know and trust.

We focus on how we can use technology to improve your overall experience as a client and how we can make financial advice more accessible to a wider range of clients, by closing the ‘advice gap’ i.e., the gap between those with and without access to affordable financial advice.

Some areas where we have made particular use of technology is to efficiently bring new clients onboard, carry out comprehensive digital annual reviews and our use of cashflow modelling software to forecast your future finances and help achieve your individual financial goals.

Precision – using the latest technology

Our market leading client service experience, Precision, is evidence of this; providing continuous benefits, keeping you informed, giving you easy access to your financial information, and allowing you to build and maintain a professional relationship of trust with your adviser.

Precision is based on the latest technology and its key features include:

  • Wealth Platform Portal
    Our portal allows you to view and monitor the performance of your investments, policies, plans and other assets all in one place, with 24/7 online access, secure messaging and document store.
  • Annual reviews
    The annual review, whether in person or online, helps us to keep fully up to date with your circumstances and adapt your plans to any new requirements you may have. Our comprehensive Precision review pack clearly details not only the performance and costs of your financial plans but also highlights where any enhancements can be made to your financial plan to better meet your financial goals. Using the latest technology to produce these packs allows our advisers to maximise their personal engagement with you.
  • Expert guides and newsletters
    Our regular news updates help you to keep in touch with the market, economic and wider financial developments. Our client website also features a series of easy-to-read guides covering financial planning subjects such as investments, pensions, protection, tax planning and estate planning.
  • Priority client access
    The real value in working with a financial adviser is about the long-term journey of wealth planning. By using the latest technology, our advisers can maximise the value of the time they spend with clients.   

You can see more about Precision in our video here.

Helping you with important decisions

Whilst technology can make our financial lives more efficient, we all want the reassurance from experts that our decisions are the correct ones. Our advisers can review your options and tailor make plans specifically to your individual needs, so please do get in touch.

Sandringham Financial Partners is an award-winning, independent financial advice firm offering cutting edge technology driven advice solutions, currently recognised by VouchedFor as their largest top-rated firm.

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